Skills and attributes necessary to be an outstanding Teacher

In everyday life, we encountered people who make a difference in our lives through their words, actions, and attitudes. Similarly, people are attached through a certain knot of relation. Out of which, the teacher-student relationship is one of them.

It is the strongest and productive relation more than any other relation in the field of education. A teacher must have certain skills to make themselves an outstanding and conspicuous personality in students’ learning growth to beautify this relation.

Let’s dive into the sea of skills and attributes useful in making teachers exceptional and outstanding in their field.

  • Be Empathetic

The circumstances can be overlooked, problems can be solved, pain can be felt, and understanding can become possible only if one steps into the other’s shoes. Likewise, suppose teachers understand students’ problems.

In that case, their reason behind every action, obstacle, and perplexity in understanding specific topics and coping with the class environment would ease students from sharing their academic problems with them.

  • Proactive approach

An outstanding teacher always uses a proactive approach in their teaching profession. Of course, it is natural to go off track, experiencing good and bad days in the workplace, and unwelcome people’s behavior in ambiance, etc. However, the proactive approach of the teacher can mend work easily.

For instance, if a teacher is unable to execute his/her lesson plan in the classroom for any reason, large class in particular, then a teacher should be vigilant and active enough to alter his lesson plan to escalates students’ interest in learning. It shows a teacher’s passion and mastery in his/her profession.

  • A key to unlock potentials

Teachers play a significant role in students’ learning growth. They can make and ruin the future of learners through their teaching. In this regard, teachers must be well aware of their doings and what they are portraying to future revolutionists (students).

Teachers are the key to unlock students’ potentials. Students are innocent. They have no idea about the outer world as teachers have. Every student in the classroom has a certain kind of potential which is different from others. The thing is to bring that in the notice and unlatch that potential for better learning.

To make this happen, teachers give an open ground to students to hone their skills and unlock their potentials to bring change first, in their personalities and then in societies. An exceptional and outstanding teacher has this quality that he/she can foresee the future of students. So much so, teachers can unlock learners’ potentials by applying appropriate methods of teaching in their classroom.

  • Lesson planner/ Organizer/ Manager

Teaching is a selfless, resilient, and prophetic profession. It demands meticulous and laborious work to turn students into future stars and revolutionists.

Teachers can do multitasking as they are supposed to plan a lesson, organize their classroom and manage time by keeping the limited time frame in their mind.

Teachers require good skills in managing their classrooms by designing robust lesson plans. It’s no secret that outstanding teachers always plan their lessons one night before their class. They invest loads of time in thinking and recalling the needs of learners and then imagining the class that how it will look like when implements this lesson plan in the very classroom.

Teachers need to be good organizers and managers because different levels of classes demand different strategies and methodologies. So to say, in the willingness to become an outstanding teacher, teachers must organize their class so that students feel overwhelmed by the learning and teaching strategies at the same time.

Management is directly proportional to job performance. It means good management leads to good job performance, and bad management leads to bad job performance. It isn’t easy to manage a classroom, especially if it is a large classroom. It is nerve-wracking for both teachers and students to maintain discipline and manage a classroom. To counter this, teachers must use certain strategies to manage the classroom-like activities that interest them. In this way, students pay full attention and co-operate with teachers.

  • Say hola to learning and adieu to rigidness.

It is said that stagnant water cause smell, and running stream water benefits people in plenty of ways. Likewise, teachers who are adaptable and flexible are always ready to welcome appreciation and critique at the same time. Those who are rigid and stiff in nature never develop themselves. It requires courage to listen to the critique and act on one’s suggestions.

There are teachers who, on daily basis, do personal reflection. For example, what did they do in the classroom, how did they react to situations they encountered in their workplace, what did they say to students and what impact did they possibly leave upon them, how can I make lessons impressive, which part of the lesson students found boring and so forth? Such self-questioning helps them in develop their professional life and make them exceptional teachers in their workplace.

  • Be realistic

Authentic teachers are most lovable by students. They share their success stories and they’re lacking which makes them ordinary people like students. Be realistic if things are not working as you planned. It is acceptable if things are not in your control. Instead of lamenting over uncontrolled things, try to work on something that can be controlled. Invest time in methods and strategies which help you in keeping class maintained.


To sum up, an outstanding teacher should be empathetic – so that students feel free to interact with teachers – teachers use the proactive approach to tackle unwelcomed events – teachers act as a key to unlock learners’ potentials – teachers need to plan good lesson by keeping the needs of learners in their mind; a manager and organizer of the classroom so to maintain discipline and hike up the graph of learning – Teachers are supposed to be adaptable in order to take critique of senior colleagues positively and work on them to develop themselves in the field of education – and last but not the least teachers must be realistic.

They need to understand that it’s perfectly fine not to be perfect. There is always room for amelioration. So work on the things that can be controlled instead of denouncing themselves for uncontrolled things. Always find a new route to counter problems. These skills and attributes can make teachers exceptional and outstanding in their field.

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